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Where does Our water come from? (July 2019)

Phoebe Aron, Hydrologist and Climate Scientist at the University of Michigan, along with an army of Citizen Scientists is documenting differences in water isotopes around the world!

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Integrative and Comparative Biology Journal

Cheng H., Dove N. C., Mena J. M., Perez T., Ul-Hasan S. In press. The Biota Project: A Case Study of a Multimedia, Grassroots Approach to Scientific Communication for Engaging Diverse Audiences. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting 2018
(January 3-7, 2018)

Presentation. Click here to read our abstract: http://www.sicb.org/meetings/2018/schedule/abstractdetails.php?id=1786

New England Biolabs® Podcast Series, Lessons from Lab & Life™
(March 2018)

NEB Podcast #4 - Interview with Sabah Ul-Hasan: What does symbiosis in science mean?

You can also access the feature here: https://www.neb.com/podcasts/podcasts/podcast-4


New England Biolabs® 2016 Passion in Science Awards

Scientific Mentorship and Advocacy - Biota: Symbiosis in Action

You can also access the feature here: https://embed.vidyard.com/share/8qgPsiLA3Hnxxp8ZQ63SXH?


Science and Art COnversations Series at the Leonardo
(April 2016)

Learn more about the event here: http://www.theleonardo.org/event/science-art-conversations-biota/


Biota Premiere at Coffee Bandits
(March 2016)